Welcome at his website about my Dutch Shepherd Eddy Fly Dogs Attak.
Eddy is being trained in Search And Rescue and in IPO.
We were active in FCI Obedience and managed to score a brevet in FCI Obedience I. But because of a lack of time we had to make a choice and stopped training for obedience.

Eddy is available as stud and has his breeding approval for VVHH and NHC.



About Eddy

Eddy Fly Dogs Attak is born at January 23nd 2013 in Romania, Sibiu at kennel Fly Dogs Attak of Andreea Renges and at that time Viorel Scinteie.

Father of Eddy is Boyd’s Bullriding Glenmore.
HD-A1, ED-free, Lüw0, DNA registered, Kbr/Ky, E-lokus Genotype E/E, BOB / CACIB

3 x World Champion Dutch Shepherds IPO III
2 x participator at the FCI All breeds World Championship IPO
1 x national Champion FH2

Mother of Eddy is Brigit des Crocs de L’Olympe.

Romanian Champion IPO III
Hungarian Champion IPO III

Eddy is a male dog with a nice drive but never over-drive, clear in the head, stable nerves, absolutely social dog with open character.
Dog with the well known ON/OFF switch.
He has an awesome focus in obedience and has a full and dry grip at IPO. Very pleasant to work with and sweet dog in the house.

Training in SAR (RH-T E, RH-FL E, RH-T A, RH-FL A, training for B-level)
Training in Obedience (OB-B 228,5 Excellent, OB-1 238 Excellent, stopped at training for OB-2)
Training in IPO (training for IPO 1)

HD-A, ED-0, DM-free, No Spondylose, LTV free
DNA registered, brindle test kbr/kbr

2014-12-7 FCI Obedience Beginners 228,5 Excellent Score
2015-05-29/31 RH-E FL (175/200), SAR IRO-testing Belgium, 2nd place
2015-06-05 RH-E T (177/200) SAR IPO-R Czechia
2015-10-03 Herding Instinct Test – NHC – passed
2015-10-03 Sociability Test – NHC – passed
2015-11-21 VZH-BH – kringgroep Randmeren – passed
2015 NHC sportcup 1st place
2015 NHC activitycup 2nd place
2016-02-21 FCI Obedience 1, 238 Excellent score
2016-05-29 RH-T A, IRO testing Belgium 3th place
2016-11-27 RH-FL A (261/300)
2017-03-03/05 RH-FL A, IRO testing Germany 2nd place
2017-04-01 Breeding Approval VVHH – passed
2017-04-08/09 RH-T A, IRO testing NL, Almere 3th place


Sad news for now…

Today is confirmed that Vera has a what is called a split heat. The last post I made we were very happy to announce that Vera was in heat. But a few days later it was stopped. Vera was taken to the vet who confirmed that it could be a split heat. The signs were abvious. …

Vera is in heat

Monday I got the message that Vera (Vrouwke van het Oude Landras) finally is in heat!! Yeay! So new plans for this coming litter can be made. Now we have to wait for the right moment for the breeding. So Eddy and I, we are patiently waiting… 😉

Friends of Eddy

Eddy and his friend Djaro (mix Dutch Shepherd x Malinois)